About the Author

My name is Jason Kraft. I am a business intelligence specialist, focusing on the front-end user experience for enterprise BI systems including SAP Business Warehouse and Tableau. I also founded an allergy-friendly bakery in San Jose, CA and ran the business with my wife Amanda, who handled the baking and decorating. We currently reside in Orange County, CA with our two-year-old daughter Ally.


6 responses to “About the Author

  1. Bim

    I just discovered this blog! What a wonderful blog and great/useful content! I haven’t found anything like it in one place. Is there a way to subscribe to get notifications of new posts?

  2. Melissa

    Love this! Thank you sooooo much. Truly looking forward to reading more

  3. Sue

    I have started an allergy friendly organic bakery-and honestly,I am a great baker! As a business woman? Not so much- thanks for being here! You ‘get’ the expense and the climate!

  4. Nadia

    Thank you for starting thiis valuable blog … I plan to devour it in my quest to *some day* begin my own bakery, slowly but surely!

  5. Love the blog! I always appreciated your knowledge on CC. Bewildered to hear that they felt the need to ban you if even temporarily.

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